Rethinking Urban Industry: Hell's Kitchen

In collaboration with: Yan Pan, Nishchal Agarwal and Nabi Agzamov

Five Borough Studio: Urban Design Studio i - Columbia GSAPP

Instructors: Kaja KühlThaddeus PawlowskiJames KhamsiBrian Baldor



Owing to the development pressure and the kind of development that happened on the other post-industrial sites such as Chelsea and Hudson Yards, this project proposes a special zoning district that would allow for a creation of a community-sensitive mixed-use neighborhood, integrating light to medium industry with medium to high-rise residential complexes.  In a phase-wise development, we envision housing, commercial and industrial uses integrated as well as segregated in a design governed by the new guidelines. We keep some of  the industrial uses for at least the initial phases with the vision of evolving into light industry to integrate well with housing. The porous nature of the design connects the  neighborhood to the waterfront through a series of integrated walkways. The spaces have a hierarchy of access- the higher the more private- which allows us to put different  programs in different spaces. Such programs include open spaces which act as dynamic congregation areas where the residential meets industrial and manufacturing areas. Our goal is to promote growth of a much more diverse waterfront that would allow for residential  and leisure development, reviving industrial, and transportation use.